Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Fundamentals – Safe Handling of LNG

Day 1: September 2, 2021 – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Day 2: September 3, 2021 – 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm
Virtual Instructor-Led Training via Zoom

Fee: Php 20,000.00 / person plus 12% VAT

  • Early Registration Payment: Ten-Percent (10%) Discount if  PAID thirty (30) days before the training date
  • Group Discount: Five-Percent (5%) on Three (3) or More Participants

Course description

‘Safe Handling of LNG’ course is designed for individuals that are new to the LNG industry, as well as for those individuals that may already be engaged in a LNG industry-related operational role.


‘LNG Fundamentals’ course is a virtual Instructor-Led Training (ILT) course designed to equip students with a foundational understanding of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) properties and technical knowledge to support their career development and progression. Throughout this professionally facilitated, 1-day virtual ILT course, students will develop a technical understanding of the chemical and physical properties of LNG, as well as be introduced to the infrastructure, equipment, regulatory standards, terminal operations and safety processes that are critical to the LNG value chain. ‘LNG Fundamentals’ virtual ILT course will develop a high-level understanding of the overall LNG value chain and as well as the significance that LNG has within the global energy market.

Course outline

Module 1 – LNG Properties

• Hydrocarbon, Energy Content, Conversion Tables & Cryogenic Characteristics

Module 2 – LNG Storage, Transfer & Usage (and associated hazards)

• Supply Chain, Shore, Cargo and Fuel Tanks, Spillage, Gas Clouds & Safety Zones

Module 3 – LNG Regulatory Framework & Standards

• International vs. National, Local & Industry Standards (ISO, Class, Industry), Risk Assessment & Assurance

Module 4 – LNG Handling & Safety Equipment

• Pumps, Compressors, Re-Heaters, Vapour Return, Reliquefiers/Chillers, Hoses, Cranes, Saddles, Arrest

Module 5 – LNG Handling & Safety Processes, Including PPE

• Temperature/Pressure/Vapour Control, Custody Transfer Standards, Methodology and Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Module 6 – LNG Transfer Operations

• Terminal Operations, SIGTTO/SGMF/IAPH Guides & Checklists, Ship-to-Shore Interface, Truck & ISO Containers, Ship-to-Ship.

Bank details

Banco de Oro (BDO)
Account Name: Aguila Group Companies (AGC) Development Corporation
Account Number:
00 543 801 3291
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