Seminars & Training

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Start DateEnd DateCourse Name 
07/07/202007/08/2020WEBINAR -Construction Project Cost Estimating, Budgeting and ControlRegister
07/06/202007/10/2020AWS-Certified Welding Society Inspector CourseRegister
07/24/202007/24/2020Basic Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Application SeminarRegister
07/27/202007/28/2020Webinar - Construction Project ManagementRegister
07/29/202007/29/2020Document Control and Records Management Training CourseRegister
07/29/202007/29/2020Webinar - Document Control and Records Management Training CourseRegister
7/30/202007/30/2020Quality Management Representative (QMR) TrainingRegister
08/14/202008/14/2020Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) for Managers and Supervisors TrainingRegister
08/19/202008/20/2020Webinar - Construction Contract Management (CCM) SeminarRegister
08/28/202008/28/2020WEBINAR - Orientation on ISO 22000 Food Safety Management SystemRegister
09/01/202009/02/2020WEBINAR - Construction Risk Management (CRM) SeminarRegister
09/15/202009/16/2020Webinar - Construction Project Quality Assurance and Quality ControlRegister