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Aguila Group Companies (AGC) Development Corporation was incorporated as a management and business consultancy to assist and represent various international companies seeking business opportunity through joint ventures (JV’s) and co-operation in the Philippines in the field of power, oil and gas, refinery, information technology and semiconductor/electronics technology, land, infrastructure and real estate development.

AGC aims to provide quality technical services from consulting, management/business and engineering and testing expertise with the collaboration of foreign partners and principals.


  • AGC shall provide professional technical and engineering training services that will develop skills, enhance capabilities and support career growth and development.
  • AGC shall provide consultancy services to companies and organizations that aim to consistently provide quality products and services, promote customer satisfaction, and continually improve business processes through the establishment and implementation of management systems.


  • AGC shall be the premier training and consultancy service provider both locally and globally for professionals and business industries, as we strive to provide a cost-effective way in the development, growth and stability, thus increasing competitive advantages.

Quality Policy

  • AGC through the effective implementation of its Quality Management System (QMS), is committed to provide training services aimed to develop skills, enhance capability, and support career growth of every professional.
  • AGC is also committed to provide consultancy services to companies and organizations for the continual improvement of their products and services, the promotion of customer satisfaction, and the development of management systems to complement their existing business processes.
  • AGC’s QMS aims to ensure customer satisfaction, compliance to applicable legal and statutory requirements, effectiveness of actions to address risks and opportunities, and the continual improvement of all its processes.
  • With all its relevant interested parties in mind, AGC shall ensure all its objectives and targets for quality are achieved and that this policy is reviewed annually for its relevance and applicability.

Our company’s acceptance in the following associations and societies, namely the Semiconductor And Electronics Industry of the Philippines (SEIPI), Electronics Industry Association of the Philippines (EIAPI), Philippine Corrosion Society (PhiCS), Philippine Welding Society (PWS), and Philippine Society for Non-Destructive Testing (PSNT), signifies our intention to get involved and committed in the pursuit of providing effective solutions.

Foreign Partner(s):

Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), Canada
STATS Specialist Testing and Technical Services, Asia Pacific
NACE International, USA

Local Partner(s):

Construction Manpower Development Corporation (CMDF)

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