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In an effort to keep the construction industry, through its engineers, abreast of the most efficient construction methodologies and management tools, CMDF developed the Enhanced Construction Managers’ Training and Certification Program (ECOMTCP).  The program is centered to support the government’s vision to accelerate the provision of safe, efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable infrastructure projects.

Introducing the ECOMTCP would not only be opportune as the Philippine construction industry ushers in the ‘Golden Age’ of infrastructure but a practical answer to the growing demand for competent certified construction project managers.  With P 8.2 trillion allotted budget for infrastructure development for the next six years, the role of competent construction project managers in ensuring efficient project delivery cannot be overemphasized.

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    Jose Domingo

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    Please note I am interested in pursuing the course re ENHANCED CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS’ TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (ECOMTCP). Please may I request for the training schedule and enrollment procedure? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards, Jose Domingo

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      Marlon Lunaria

      Hi Edwin, this program has 5 prerequisite modules. Each module has a 16 hours training/workshop and case studies for a course fee amounting 8,000 pesos plus 12% vat per person each module. We will offer a discount who wants to get all the modules.

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        Art Estrada

        Hi Marlon, I wish to avail the full module. Can you send me the packaged price and the schedule, as well the earliest time slot for the written exam and panel interview for the ECOMTCP certification? Appreciate to receive more details too. Thanks

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